Sometimes, small gestures truly do have the biggest impact. SimpleMost reporter Claire Gillipse shared a story about a kind-hearted barber named Marco Conti. Conti’s frequent client, 7 year-old, Brycen Juby, is on the autism spectrum. His mom, Ashley Juby, told Yahoo Lifestyle how difficult haircuts were for her son. After “screaming meltdowns” at barbershops, his dad, Joe Juby, started cutting his son’s hair, but he “would still melt down every time.”

The Juby Family

When Juby began to tolerate haircuts at home, his parents decided to try taking him to a barbershop again. They contacted Conti’s barber shop and asked if they could cut their son’s hair when people were not in the shop, preferably the weekend. Conti, co-owner of the shop, was happy to help and even went one step further.

Noticing that his young client was calmer outisde the shop, Conti asked Juby if it would be okay if he cut his hair outside, and Juby agreed. So they moved a chair onto the sidewalk so that young Juby would feel less anxious. An onlooker posted this to social media and it went absolutely viral.

“I feel that it is our duty to open our hearts and to accommodate everyone as best as we can with whatever resources we have available with action over intention,” Conti told Yahoo. “I just wanted him to feel loved and comfortable and safe and that there was nothing to fear.” Conti hopes that this gives parents and families of a child with autism, hope.

It’s common for people with autism to find getting haircuts a challenge as it can lead to sensory issues and/or anxiety over what will happen during the process.

The world needs more kind-hearted and loving people like Marco Conti.

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