Most people may think that trick or treating is all fun and candy, but for many individuals on the autism spectrum, the festive activity can be an over-stimulating experience. There is now a new trick for treats that will hopefully ease the uneasiness about Halloween – blue pumpkins!

This year, you may see some blue pumpkins mixed in with the traditional orange ones. The blue pumpkin candy buckets have been made in order to raise awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Also, to signal that the children holding them are affected by Autism so let the house the children are going to know that the child may not able to say “Trick or treat!”.

The phenomenon took off last year after Alicia Plumer shared an image of a blue Halloween bucket on social media announcing her son with autism would be carrying the item while trick-or-treating.

Plumer’s message received widespread attention on social media and has been shared nearly 28,000 times on Facebook since it was first posted last year on October 18, 2018.

In an article by CBS 2 News, reporter May Sanchez asks mother Omairis Taylor what she thinking about this idea. Taylor stated:

“My son is 3 years old and has autism. He is nonverbal. Last year houses will wait for him to say ‘trick of treat’ in order for him to get a piece of candy and there I go explaining the situation for the next 5 blocks. This year we will be trying the blue bucket to signify he has autism. Please allow him [or anyone with a blue bucket] to enjoy this day and don’t worry I’ll still say ‘trick or treat’ for him, I’ll get my mom candy tax later.”

Courtesy of Good Morning America

Hopefully this new blue pumpkin trend will pick up in more and more state’s so that children affected with autism can feel more included and apart of the Halloween experience.

Wishing everyone a happy Halloween!

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