Varshita Venkatachalam, a senior at Columbus North High School, is passionate about teaching local students who have autism to play the piano. She is excited to pursue a future in neurology and part of her independent project for her senior year was the C4 biomedical innovation which relates to observing children with autism with their hand eye coordination.

Venkatachalam works closely with the coordinator of autism, Paige West, who helped her with teaching the children to play piano. She is very determined to help students with autism to improve the hand and eye coordination that many children with autism tend to have trouble with.

Each week Venkatachalam provided practice for each of the children. With her valuable skills of playing the piano, she hopes that her project will improve the skills for the children. The parents are thrilled with Venkatachalam performance with the children and believes that she will make a difference in the world when she pursues her career in becoming a Neurologist.

Venkatachalam stated to The Republic, “I’m a really shy person.. and I think this is kind of helping me come out of my shell.” She has benefited with working with these students she believes that this is truly really improving with the hand eye coordination. The children enjoy the piano lessons and working with Venkatachalam.

Photo Credits: The Republic

Venkatachalam is still deciding where she is going to attend college but loves teaching the children how to play piano and will continue to do so. She hopes that she is making a difference and hopes that others follow her footsteps in helping children with autism!

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