Christian Larsen is a 9-year-old boy with autism from Idaho. In early June, his mother planned a party to celebrate his ninth birthday, as Larsen had been requesting a birthday party for himself and his classmates for years. The boy passed 25 invitations out to his classmates, but only received one actual acceptance, the boy’s mother, Lindsay Barrus Larsen, told KTVU

Barrus Larsen took to Facebook to share the sad news. She detailed how none of her son’s classmates responded to his invitation. When she picked her son up from school, she witnessed him inviting six classmates to his party. Unfortunately, only one of those classmates said yes, while the others either ignored him or said “No.” Barrus Larsen mentioned how the childrens’ parents ignored her son, as well. 

In her post, Larsen’s mother spoke straight to other parents, saying, “Model the behaviors you want your children to have, and when they inevitably still do things that you wish they didn’t, teach them with love.” The post inspired a friend of hers to reach out to Nampa High School’s football coach, wanting to make some birthday magic happen. 

The football team was so excited to attend Larsen’s birthday party, coach Dan Holtry told KTVB. On the day of the event, the team surprised the birthday boy by chanting his name as they entered the party. Larsen, amazed by the team’s entrance, pretended to faint. 

In another Facebook post, Barrus Larsen said the team stayed for the entire party, playing football with her son, watching him open presents, and eating cake. The team proved that humanity continues to do good. Larsen told KTVB that it was one of the best days of his life. 

Larsen’s mother ended her update by saying, “There is so much good in this world, and when things are hard, the good shines even brighter.” 

Courtesy of Lindsay Barrus Larsen
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