Graduation season is in full swing, and with that come a heap of speeches that can be emotional, funny, serious, or inspiring. Sef Scott’s, a senior at Plano Senior High School, delivered a speech that was “unexpected.”

Scott began his Plano Senior High School commencement speech by sharing “My name is Sef Scott and I am a student with learning differences. To be more specific I have autism and a social communication disorder. While I have the vocabulary you do, and I have the ability to produce spoken words, it is not the normal thing for me to electively speak.”

His unexpected words and overall presence shocked commencement attendees. His speech conveyed a message of what was unexpected in life – a meaningful message to graduating seniors.

Scott was able to work with his brother Sim Scott, a brain tumor survivor, and mother to write the speech. With their help he was able to share with his classmates a message that would stay with them forever.

Scott’s messages of hope and inspiration received applauses from everyone. The graduate said things like “Don’t waste time on something you never wanted. Do the unexpected. It’s your life that you are living, not anyone else’s, so do what fulfills you. Don’t fear the future, don’t fear the unknown. Will it be unexpected? Yes.” Scott wants people to not be afraid of trying new things.

“You can sprinkle unexpected moments throughout your everyday life that can benefit those around you with very little effort on your part,”

See Scott’s speech here:


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