For Autism Awareness Month buildings all over the world are going blue to raise autism awareness. On April 2, 2019 blue was seen everywhere whether it was the sky, t-shirts people were wearing, or buildings lighting up. This initiative was created to educate as well as push for acceptance of everyone. People around the world are encouraged to wear blue clothing as well as post on social media to raise awareness.

Photo courtesy of Indy’s Child

Landmarks around the world will turn blue in support of the cause. Landmarks include Niagara Falls, The United Nations, the Empire State building, the White House and state government buildings that have lit up on April 2nd in past years.

Photo Courtesy of Mountain Town Magazine

Autism awareness day will also have local organizations holding a variety of events and educational activities to help support and educate the public on autism spectrum disorder.

More ways to get involved with Lighting Blue Up for Autism Awareness month include:

  1. Pledging to wear blue during the month of April
  2. Help get Autism trending online by posting a picture of anything blue or of yourself wearing blue!
  3. Turning your profile picture blue
  4. Lighting your house or business up blue!

For more information on how to get more involved follow this link. 


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