Finding an education where teachers support a multitude of learning styles can be extremely difficult for parents of children with autism. Many mainstream learning environments expect students to process information uniformly, which can be problematic. The Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds, in West Cumbria, England saw the lack of finances, transportation, and services for children with autism. Encouraging him to team up with the Cumbria Academy for Autism Trust to gain funding for a new autism-focused school.

The free of cost day-school will open in September of 2019 , welcoming 56 students between the ages of four and 19. The school will have small classes with a maximum of eight students in each classroom, a large staff, and customized curriculums for individualized needs. Students will additionally be taught day-to-day life skills such as how to order food and deal with transactions in the café. While a makeshift living environment will demonstrate how to be more independent. Additionally, there will be an immersion studio, sensory rooms, and a traversing wall.

Children with autism have shown great benefits from the use of traversing and rock climbing walls, according to the SAAC Autism Centre. Children with sensory, communicative, and or physical disabilities in particular, are able to strengthen their skills naturally through concentration and motor planning. If your child’s school does not offer this equipment, it is possible to create your own climbing wall at home by following these directions. Alternatively, you can buy a climbing wall for indoor/outdoor use if building one isn’t feasible here.

Every student should have the opportunity to learn in an environment that is suitable for their needs. This may require extra attention when pertaining to students with autism, but it is certainly attainable in communities investing in future generations. The opening of this school will be a great advancement, that hopefully encourages other communities to do the same.

Construction site of new autism school

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