CBS Boston reported a heart-warming story about two young boys named Luke McNair and Andy Brooking. The two kids formed a bond over their love for The Lion King on Broadway McNair and Brooking met online, both reguarly commenting on each other’s YouTube videos about The Lion King. The two boys also happen to be on the autism spectrum.

McNair and Brooking’s mothers were both concerned because of the sometimes dangerous nature of online friend making. The two virtual friends ended up FaceTiming, with their mother’s of course. This was the start of a truly special friendship, and the two boys video chatted almost every day for two years. They would sing songs together from The Lion King such as “Be prepared”, the villan’s Scar’s main song.

The day finally came where the boys were going to meet. The two families travelled to Boston to meet and see the Broadway Across America show “The Lion King” at The Boston Opera House. “It is a very special treat just to see this amazing musical,” McNair told CBS Boston. “We are going to see it at 1 o’clock PM!”

McNair and Brooking’s moms say the show has been more than a show or a hobby for their sons with autism, but rather, has changed their lives.

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