Kylian Mbappe is known as the most expensive soccer teenager in the world. Last summer, Mbappe completed a move from French team Monaco to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) for an astonishing 166 million pounds. He has lived up to his price tag showing the world what he is capable of, but recently Mbappe has performed a marvelous gesture for the special needs communities.

At just the age of nineteen, Mbappe helped lead France into the Russia 2018 World Cup semifinals. While representing their country, professional soccer players earn extra earnings for games. According to L’Equipe (a well known French magazine) Mbappe will be donating the entirety of his World Cup earnings to the Preiers de Cordees Association, a charity that aims to organize sports activities for children with disabilities.

The French Report also states that Mbappe earns £17,000 per game. Mbappe has already played five games at the World Cup and his sixth game will be on Tuesday the 10th vs a very good Belgium side. The soccer player has decided to do this because he believes that one should not get paid in order to represent their national team. He told L’Equipe “‘When playing a World Cup, it’s a pleasure, because it’s a dream come true…So yes, there is money at stake. But I do not care! I do not play for that!”

Also, if France are able to win the 2018 World Cup the growing star will earn a £265,000 bonus that he will also donate.

It is because of Mbappes actions that his fellow teammate, Samuel Umtiti, has also come out to express how he feels about money. Umtiti “When playing a World Cup, it’s a pleasure, because it’s a dream come true. Yes, here is money at stake. But I do not care. I do not play for that,” he was quoted as saying by The Mirror.

We would like to thank both Mbappe and Umtiti for their actions and encourage other professional soccer players to be like them. France will play their final match against Belgium on Sunday, July 15, 2018.

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