TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to sharing and spreading ideas through motivational videos. Their messages are as strong as the speakers who deliver them. It’s amazing how in a mere twenty minutes a person can transmit experiences, ideas, and information to an audience. There have been a number of TED Talks on the subject of autism. Similarly to the American Autism Association, TED Talks strives for acceptance and the spread of awareness across all audiences. We’ve listed our top five favorite TED talks to inspire you, check them out!


#1: Thomas and John D’eri – Rising Pride 

Thomas and John are father and son team that founded Rising Tide Car Wash, a social enterprise dedicated to providing meaningful employment opportunities to adults with autism. Throughout their TED Talk, this father son duo addresses the problems of unemployment with autistic people. John, who has autism, suggests that their business has opened up the possibilities for the autism community by promoting the undeniable abilities and skills that people with autism have. Learn how they accomplished all of this and have grown to be a notoriously known business!


#2: Rosie King – How Autism Freed Me To Be Myself

Rosie King talks about how accepting her differences help her find herself. She is a strong woman with autism who isn’t afraid to speak her thoughts. She discusses the importance of imagination, uniqueness, and the idea of normalcy.  Rosie chooses to inspire others to be who they are, rather than trying to conform to what others expect from her. Check out her words of wisdom, and get inspired!


#3: Faith Jegede –  What I’ve Learned from My Autistic Brothers.

Faith Jegede talks about her experience as an autism sibling. This isn’t a topic that is addressed very often, because of the difficulties siblings of autistic children undeniably experience. Faith, however, is incredibly proud and happy to be a sibling of brothers with autism. She knows how amazing they are. Because of them, she has the ability to see potential in every single person no matter their capabilities. Faith’s story of how she grew to be so inspiring, along with the funny experiences shared with her brothers is something you won’t want to miss!


#4: Tim and Judy Sharp – A Double Shot To Happiness

Judy Sharp calls her son a hero without a cape. Tim is her hero because he defeated any obstacles he had when he was little. Everyone told Judy that when he grows up he wouldn’t be able to talk, learn, feel, etc., but they were wrong! Tim says, “Every day is a new beginning, and I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my mom.” This is as heartwarming as they get, a mother-son bond that’s autism strong!


#5: Kerry Magro – The Will of Opportunity: The Path of Autism to College

Kerry Magro was diagnosed with autism when he was just 4 years old. He, in a very real way, talks about the obstacles autism has presented him with throughout his life. Kerry’s story is will inspire anyone working towards a goal. Over 500,000 individuals with autism will reach adulthood in the next decade. Kerry discusses the tricks and tips to making your autism journey go in the direction of college. Listen up teens, he’s got some advice for you!


These people are a clear example that in life, everything is possible. Autism can be a delicate topic of discussion for many, but it’s important to remember that it doesn’t define who a person is. We live in world where everyone is unique in his or her own way, don’t every let anyone take away your unique abilities and characteristics. We love these TED Talks. If you want to check out some more great TED Talks on autism, visit their website.


Guest Blogger:

Jenny Sagastume

Community Outreach Intern

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