Lucas Warren, an 18 month-old baby with Down Syndrome, was rewarded with becoming Gerber’s “Spokesbaby of the year”. This is the first time ever in history that this happened! 

Gerber hosts a Gerber Baby Photo Shoot annually to scout for their next baby of the year. Kristen Wooten, a spokesperson from Gerber stated told CNN “That Lucas was the perfect fit this year!”

Over 140,000 entries were submitted this year to not only win the infamous title, but $50,000 towards their education. Courtney Warren and her husband, Jason Warren, were thrilled that their son got awarded with the exciting news that will benefit him in the future.

Not only will Warren be awarded money for his education, he will be featured in many different media campaigns that will show the world how sweet and caring Lucas really is. Bill Partyka, CEO and President of Gerber, said to TODAY, “Lucas’s smile and happy expression captured the hearts of the Gerber team.”

Warren’s parents are ecstatic about the news that they received about their son and they hope that this awareness that Gerber is showing will extend to the special needs community that individuals with special needs could change the world. They hope that his story will make everyone else with special needs to reach for the stars and achieve any goal that they want in this world. Jason Warren stated to TODAY , “We’re hoping that this will impact everyone – that it will shed a little bit of light on the special needs community and help more individuals with special needs be accepted not limited.”

Photo Credits: CNN


The entire community is thrilled that Warren is the new face of Gerber, and we cannot wait to see what he has in store.

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