Businessman Derek Volk, father of Dylan Volk, struggled to figure out his son’s diagnosis for the longest time since his son was having difficulties with behavior and had difficulty with challenges. Volk was finally diagnosed at the age of eight with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Volk authored a book called “Chasing the Rabbit: A Dad’s Life Raising A Son On The Spectrum”, which talks about his experience on raising a child on the spectrum and his son’s thoughts on his own diagnosis. Volk talks about experiences in his everyday life and how he handles situations that he is in.

The father-son duo wrote about the challenges they faced and how they coped with his transitions to adulthood, and how to best navigate this major transition. Volk shared with Miami OK that, “Most of the people with Asperger’s have very deep emotions, they just don’t know how to express them really.” The family sought a therapist that helped Dylan identify his emotions and how to best cope with certain situations that he might deal with independently in his life.

The book has been a huge success and the Volks believe that sharing their story about their journey with Aspergers will help comfort and support many people, while promote acceptance. Volk believes that speaking out about true events and how his son is feeling will help many people in the future with events that could help with them.

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Volk hopes to teach and understand more compassion about Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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