Our Let It Grow campaign brought many people together with a common goal: to spread autism awareness and acceptance. Participants grew out their hair, facial hair, or wore their hair in a funky new style for the month of November to help raise autism awareness in a new way. Each time someone asked a question about their change in appearance, they took the opportunity to talk about autism. In surviving the temptations to reach for the scissors, razor, or sneaking in for a haircut, participants let it grow and grow and GROW!

One of our participants, Brett Mitchell, hails from New Orleans and is a father of two children. After hearing about Let It Grow on our Instagram, he signed up with the goal of growing out his beard to campaign for his son, Brett, who has autism. For the entire Mitchell family, they understood that autism became a way of strengthening their family. “It brought my family together because nobody really had a very good understanding of it,” Brett explained. “Since it affected us, we took the time to look at it and try to understand what it actually is… You just have to find a way to accept it and understand it, and then just make it a part of your everyday life.”

When it came to people’s reactions about his new beard, he was very glad to hear that most people enjoyed his new look. Brett isn’t new to social media and often creates or shares posts from a variety of autism organizations. Many of his followers like and comment on these images, which he greatly appreciates because it shows how open and accepting people can be. “Maybe it can help them understand and learn more about autism so people won’t be so judgmental about it.” Sharing autism-related posts on social media is a great way to spread autism awareness and acceptance within a community!

One of the ways participants stay focused on finishing their Let It Grow campaign is to keep their inspiration in mind. For Brett as an autism father, his son was his inspiration and he encourages others to remember their reasons for growing out their hair. “Just keep going,” He says. “And whatever reason you did it for, just keep doing it.”

We thank everyone participating in our Let It Grow campaign and for all of their commitment to helping spread autism awareness. We also thank everyone that has sent us photos of their progress – everyone’s hair looks great! If you’d like to read more about stories like Brett’s, and support their fundraising pages, check out our Let It Grow campaign page!

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