Just hearing the word “Halloween” is all it takes for some peoples’ minds to be fill with thoughts of candy, costumes, and creepy creatures. Everyone has their own favorite moments and memories from years past, whether it be silly costumes or an especially big haul of tasty treats. We reached out to our community to ask them to share what they looked forward to most this Halloween. Here are some of their responses!

  1.  “Eating candy 😁” – Mrscarrizales
  2.  “Going trick or treating” – Tigerbootsus
  3. “Dressing up and eating candy.” – Monique Hazeb
  4.  “Spending it with grandchildren.” – Maureen Brown
  5. “Sorting the candy that we get then tasting all of them!! 🌈🌈” – Dharma06
  6. “See’n all the excitement in the children and of course all the different costumes!!!” – Tammy Hutton
  7.  “Watching my son trick or treat. He could care less about eating the candy but loves the fun.” – Oatsandnettles
  8. “Decorating! This is our third year decorating our door and making a spooky Halloween character. We made a zombie this year! My son loves putting all the body parts and he gets excited.” – Ddelgado09

We would like to thank our amazing community once again for taking the time to talk to us about their spooky plans, and sharing in our excitement this year. We encourage you to share any stories or pictures you take this Halloween with us on Instagram and Facebook. We hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!

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