A grand social media search is underway for the owner of a strayed lanyard. As of March 24, 2016, Disneyland cast member Emily Gibby’s social media posts have been shared thousands of times through numerous news outlets, all in an effort to find the owner of this lost lanyard!


“Hi! I’m autistic, and I don’t talk much, but I would like to trade for Mickey pins!,” reads the laminated hand-written note attached to a red lanyard that was found lying on the Disneyland park ground by staffer, Emily Gibby, and her fellow cast members. Unfortunately, the owner of the stray lanyard was nowhere to be found. After searching for the potential owner, the cast members then proceeded to adorn the lanyard with Mickey pins and even attached a charming Mickey medallion in hopes the owner would soon be retrieved to find this pleasant surprise.

Gibby is asking for her post to be shared so that the owner of the lost item may be reunited with their newly embellished lanyard. She notes that, for some people with autism, “something as small as losing a possession could drastically change their day, week, or even their month” due to the attachment they tend to form with certain items.

Finding the owner of this lanyard would not only bring much joy to the owner and their family, but also to those who are making the great effort of sharing the news and relaying the information, especially to Emily Gibby and her coworkers!

If you have any information regarding the lanyard’s owner, please contact the Disneyland park’s lost and found department at 714-817-2166.

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