Deidry Gomez joined our Social Media and Marketing Team as an intern for the summer. She is a student at the University of Florida majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Economics. Born and raised in Miami, her family is from Honduras and emigrated here when she was a young girl. Deidry chose Public Relations because she understands that it’s vital to have awesome communication skills in today’s day and age, where you’re consistently communicating with others in person, over the phone, through email, or any other phone of socializing.

Deidry decided to become involved with the American Autism Association because of her brother, who was diagnosed with autism at a young age. She said she “sees how often family and friends know very little about autism and what resources are available to make life a little easier on the autism journey. Although there will never be a time where it will completely easy, it’s all worth because my brother is my closest friend and family.” Deidry has been such an optimistic intern, knowing that not only will this internship help her in her Public Relations career, but also help in easing some stressors in her family life.

Deidry grown to love being a part of our Social Media and Marketing Team, understanding the strong online connections you can build within a community. She told us, “I entered not quite knowing what to expect”. We’ve found that many of our interns get somewhat confused on making the connection of what an Instagram or Facebook profile can do to help people with autism. After just a few days, Deidry began to understand the difference you can make. Spreading a positive message, sharing incredible stories, and socializing with people all over the world about one thing that connects us all – autism.

Deidry’s brother has acted as an inspiration for both her work, and the work we do at the American Autism Association. As an intern with the American Autism Association, we teach all of our interns about autism and the resources available, while educating them on the hardships many families face regularly. Our internship program aims to empower students to become the next generation of advocates for children, teens, and adults living with disabilities. We love our interns, and think they all deserve a Community Spotlight! Keep an eye out to learn more about our summer team!

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