For many high school seniors, their last year of school is filled with big exams, big decisions about their futures, and big preparations for their senior prom. The story played out a bit differently for Batavia High School senior, Tori Perl.

Perl was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the seventh grade and she does not have a big circle of friends, her father, Thomas Perl, told Yahoo Lifestyle. The family hadn’t given senior prom much thought until a family friend approached Perl’s mother with a prom dress for her. Her father then decided she should be able to experience this milestone.

Perl’s mother asked two boys to accompany her daughter to the prom, Yahoo Lifestyle reported, but they unfortunately declined. The third boy she asked was taking too long to respond, so her father decided he would escort his daughter to the prom himself. Her father never attended his own prom, and he decided she would have fun and appreciate the memories.

Thomas and Tori Perl dancing at prom (Via Yahoo Lifestyle/Thomas Perl)

The two stepped into the Batavia High School prom on June 15, 2019 donning matching white, black, and pink outfits; her father in a tuxedo and Perl in a beautiful dress. Despite some looks from a few students, Perl’s father said, “These kids walked up to Tori and said she looked beautiful.” The pair happily danced to one of Perl’s favorite songs, “Confident” by Demi Lovato, and treated themselves to snacks. Perl even took a prop princess crown and placed it on her head, proving to her father she had a great time.

Perl’s father noted, “I hope stories like this can change the world. There’s nothing that can stop these kids from doing what they want to do.” The story is proof that there’s no stopping anyone from having fun. Both Perl and her father enjoyed their first prom experience together, surely making memories that will last them a lifetime.

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