April is Autism Awareness Month. What better way to grow awareness then to list a few ways people can support individuals with autism. A few articles have surfaced, The Mighty compiled a list of ways to support an individual with autism and it goes a step further listing actual ways you can go out of your way to help a person with autism feel more accepted.

1. Read a book written by a person with autism
One of the most popular titles, “Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s” by John Elder Robinson. A story about John Elder Robinson himself and his struggles growing up with Asperger’s syndrome.

2. Tell a story about someone you know with autism that taught you something
If you know a person with autism that taught you a lesson or something valuable, share it with others, but make sure to get their permission first. Search our #AutismTaughtMe hashtag to see what our community has shared with us!

3. Listen to someone with autism
This may sound too simple. Go a step further and listen to the way an individual with autism speaks. Search #ActuallyAutistic on Twitter and you will find people on the autism spectrum discuss the challenges they face. What better way to understand their difficulties then to see it from a person with autism, themselves.

4. Casting actors and actresses with autism
The ABC series “The Good Doctor” has a main character with autism. According to the Ruderman Family Foundation, 20% of Americans have a disability, but less than 2% of television characters have a disability and 95% of those characters are played by individuals that do not have a disability.

Hollywood could consider going a step further by casting individuals with disabilities to play these roles on television shows and in movies.

5. Hire individuals with autism
More companies are beginning to interview and hire individuals with disabilities like autism. An individual on the spectrum may bring a valuable skill set to any company especially if they have the education or experience that meets the job requirements.

6. Read articles written by people on the autism spectrum
People with autism share their stories on many different websites. For example, The Mighty has an author, Lamar Hardwick,that is on the spectrum and also write to share his experiences as well as serve as autism advocates. Check out some of their articles on TheMighty.com

You may also be interested in donating to an organization ran by individuals with autism. One for instance, “Autism Women’s Network”, is working to end stereotypes surrounding autism.

April is a month dedicated to raising awareness and promoting acceptance for autism throughout the world! Make sure you get involved with us to help make a difference.

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