Families of kids with autism do not need to be told how difficult it can be to shop for their children. Whether their child suffers from sensory issues, or simply need extra support, it can be hard to find products that fulfill your child’s needs without feeling overwhelmed. Enter Wolf + Friends, a lifestyle platform that focuses on providing families with informed buying decisions to better accommodate their child’s development.

Founded and run by two mothers of children with Autism, Carissa Tozzi and Gena Mann, Wolf + Friends truly has the interests of parents and their children at heart. In looking through their website, it may seem like any parenting lifestyle blog, with no obvious indications that this is a site specifically for parents of children with special needs. This is because inclusion is an important part of their message. The aim of the website was not to focus on the fact that their children are non-typical, but rather to highlight products that can support any child’s individual needs. 

Wolf + Friends features products for everything from home decor to toys, all displayed in a warm, inviting fashion. This is in stark contrast to the sparse, uninviting websites one usually finds autism-friendly products. While it is not obvious from the home page that these products serve specific functions, each product is organized in a way that highlights their benefits. For example, the page for home products is titled “Sensory-Friendly Decor and Furniture.” Under style, one finds products listed as “Soft and Stylish T-Shirts” or “Sensory-Friendly Necklaces That are Soft and Soothing” Again, autism is never specified, because these products are appropriate for everyone. But the mere fact that they are featured here means that these products have been vetted and approved by Tozzi and her team.

In keeping true to the lifestyle platform genre, Wolf + Friends also includes a blog, newsletter, and parenting tips. By fostering a greater community of parents of children with special needs, Wolf + Friends establishes itself as something more than just a shopping destination. This reflects the caring nature of its founders, and their desire to help other families. While some may be quick to notice the high prices of some of the products featured on their site, the knowledge that they provide through their blog and tips page is something that is accessible to everyone. Even if you are not looking to buy any particular toy, for example, you can still visit Wolf + Friends to learn play tips or gain decor ideas without having to purchase a thing. After all, the aim of this website is not to make a profit, but to offer an alternative format for parents of special needs to find products that will benefit their children. In this way, the message of inclusivity prevails throughout the website.

Overall, Wolf + Friends is an example of how compassion can go a long way in retail and lifestyle blogging. To find out more about Wolf + Friends, or to shop their products, visit their website.

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