On June 25, 2018 Chance the Rapper announced that he will be producing and headlining the concert at the 50th Anniversary of the Special Olympics.

The “50th Anniversary Celebration Concert,” taking place on July 21, 2018 on Chicago’s Northerly Island, will also feature artists such as Usher, Francis and the Lights, Smokey Robinson, and Jason Mraz, all coming together to raise money for this meaningful cause.

Holding this concert is not Chance’s first pass with charity at all. He is a Chicago native who has always been enthusiastic about giving back to his city. Chance’s work last year with the Chicago non-profit, Social Works, raised $2.2 million for arts and literature programs in Chicago Public Schools (CPS).

His work with them continues even now; the proceeds from this upcoming concert will go to both the Special Olympics organization and Social Works to maintain programs that have been put in place and create more change in CPS.

The 50th Anniversary Concert has also given the famous artist an opportunity to go back to his early career days of being his own promoter and manager. Being one of the first and most successful musicians not signed to a record label, Chance began the now industry-wide trend of self-producing and marketing all of one’s content straight to fans.

Producing this concert allowed him to do just that; as we see from his tweet, Chance personally went to the venue to sell tickets and his merchandise to his fans last week. It’s refreshing to see that even though Chance is now very well-known, he still finds enjoyment in doing the small things himself for a cause that’s important to him.

Tickets for the 50th Anniversary Concert range from $37 for lawn seats to $100 for general admission/floor seats and are now being sold. Get them while you still have the Chance!


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