As summer approaches, the school year winds down and comes to an end. Whether it’s kindergarten or college, completing the school year or graduating are huge accomplishments.

The year can seem never-ending – through the adamant refusals to do homework, meltdowns, conflicts with teachers, and so on. For older students, the long nights spent studying for exams and writing essays pile up and tire you out. There may be cases of bullying or misunderstandings, both from teachers and other students alike. These hardships can make school an unpleasant place for individuals with autism.

For that reason, we want to celebrate another year down. For all of your efforts this school year – congratulations! It’s over (until September).

Here are some of our favorite posts of YOU surpassing milestones!

Congratulations! (@Smokingruby)
Great job! (@Sheilamoquette)
So proud of you! (@bcl925)
School’s out, you did it! (@Autismsuperheroes)
Nice trophy you got there, congrats! (@Mhoments.xo)

Thank you for sharing your special moments with us.

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