In 2017, Sesame Street introduced viewers to Julia, a female muppet with autism. Julia is voiced by Stacy Gordon, who has a son on the autism spectrum. The addition of Julia was a huge step within the entertainment industry. As she became a role model for young children on the spectrum. As well as showed them that individuals with autism, even if they are muppets, can make it to the big screen.

Now, in honor of Autism Awareness Month, Sesame Street is introducing Julia’s entire family. In addition to episodes that tackle everyday issues that individuals on the spectrum and their families can relate to. One of the episodes, which will premiere on Monday, April 8, 2019 will include Julia going to get a haircut with her family. A task that can often be difficult for children with autism because of sensory concerns. These episodes will depict what life can be like for people on the spectrum and for people who have loved ones with autism.  

Sesame Street also plans on releasing a story book on April 6, 2019 called “Circle of Friends”. In this book Julia will stand up to a bully who is bothering her friend with autism.  

Sesame Street has also started offering resources for parents who have children with autism, here.


Julia and her family.

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