With more than 7 billion monthly global content views, 200 million unique monthly visitors, content in 6 different languages, and postings to more than 30 social platforms across the world, it’s pretty easy to see the incredibly vast outreach that BuzzFeed has worldwide.

One of the many great things that BuzzFeed does with such a powerful outreach is share a variety of stories about people within the autism community. Over the past few months alone, the news outlet has shared countless stories about autism which have reached a variety of their viewers.

Just this morning, the news outlet did a piece about an encouraging letter that Ben Twist, a young boy with autism, received after his end of year exams. Ben’s mother posted the letter on her twitter page, only for the post to go viral in just a matter of days. We loved the letter so much that it got a feature of its own on our blog!


Twitter: gailtwist / Via Twitter: @gailtwist / Via BuzzFeed

This past month, a story was posted about Hallee Sorenson, a girl with autism who spent her 18th birthday alone after friends and classmates failed to show up to her party. This posting alone has over 600,000 views and 86 comments. At the bottom of the article is an address so people can send cards to Hallee who is celebrating her 19th birthday this month! Hallee received thousands of cards as a response to their outreach.


Via Allyson Seel-Sorenson / Via BuzzFeed

Another great story is about a girl with autism named Carly Fleischmann, who recently started her own YouTube channel. For her first episode she did an interview with actor Channing Tatum. Her page alone has more than 3,500,000 views and 26,343 subscribers. The article on BuzzFeed reached out to just under 700,000 more people.

Speechless with Carly Fleischmann / Via youtube.com / Via BuzzFeed

One of the main goals of organizations like ours is to spread awareness. 1 in every 68 children in the United States alone are affected by this developmental disorder. Raising awareness for autism and its vast impact is one of the best ways to spread acceptance in communities around the world. We love how willing our friends at BuzzFeed are to use their outreach to help advocate and raise awareness for the incredible and unique individuals in the autism community!


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