Another year has passed and it’s October again, which means it’s Bullying Prevention Month! The American Autism Association strives to advocate for children on the spectrum from being bullied. Our therapeutic recreational programs are designed to teach children how to communicate in difficult situations, and programs like our Boxing for Life focus specifically on situations with bullies. Research and studies have indicated that children, teens, and even adults are more likely to be the subjects of bullying. As a parent, witnessing the effects your child suffers from when bullied is very difficult. We’ve come up with ten ways for parents to take action in their community to help stomp out bullying.


  1. If your child tells you that someone he or she knows is being bullied, take action!
  2. Spread the word that bullying is a community concern. Word of mouth is the strongest form of communication, and once the issue is brought to the attention of administration in schools – our hope is that they’ll take action.
  3. Emphasize that bullying should NOT be a normal part of childhood.
  4. Know your school district’s policies. It’s so important to be educated on what the policy is to take action against bullies.
  5. Push your legislators for better anti-bullying laws and enforcement. The best way to do this is by educating children at a young age that bulling is not okay.
  6. Don’t assume that a child who has been bullied is open about his or her experiences.
  7. Offer support to any child who has experienced bullying, and teach your own child to stand up for anti-bullying.
  8. Offer insight and support to the parents of the child who has been bullied, a helping hand can go a long way in times like these.
  9. Teach your child what to do if someone is being bullied.
  10. Take action with AAA in our ‘Bullying, Be GONE!’ campaign in October, and donate so that we can fund programs for children with special needs!


Parents, older siblings, caretakers and everyone involved in a child’s life – remember, you’re their biggest advocates. Help take action today and join the American Autism Association in helping us fund programs to teach children on the autism spectrum about bullying.


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