A bond with a sibling is an inexplicable bond. At times you get along and laugh until your stomach hurts. Other times they get on your last nerve and you can’t stand to even look at them. But through the good and the bad, a bond between siblings lasts a lifetime.

Brothers Max and Haden Edwards from Lincolnton, North Carolina share quite a special bond. 7-year-old Max has a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis. This disorder causes tumors to grow on Max’s brain, along with seizures, neuropathy, gastrointestinal issues, and a host of other conditions. When Max recently underwent surgery to remove some of his tumors, his 10-year-old brother Haden decided he needed to help Max stay happy and positive.

He wanted to take Max on a shopping trip and needed money.

“So I asked him, ‘Where’s your money?'” Cynthia Davis told InsideEdition.com. “I said, ‘You can mow the grass or help with the dishes, or do anything else to earn some money.'” Haden then realized how he could raise money.

“He said he’s going to draw pictures,” she recalled.

Haden, who has autism, loves to draw and quickly gained attention in his neighborhood. He set up camp in front of his house with a sign that read: “Selling Drawings for Mad Max.” According to the Charlotte Observer, Haden sold 23 drawings on his first day and took Max to the Dollar Tree to buy legos.

“They’ll just spend time together,” Edwards said. “They’ll spend all day long with each other.” Haden admits that even with Max’s sickness, they still argue at times. “But most of the time we’re best friends,” he said.

The Edward’s family set up a GoFundMe fundraising page. “Any funds raised help with our daily life since I no longer work to stay home with Max, and also to help with doctor’s bills and special outings that we can give Max to make a few more memories.”


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