On March 31st, 2018, Bootcamp For Autism, was taken place at SETS Freehold & Jackson NJ. SETS is a local bootcamp facility located at these two locations that strives you to be the best you could be no matter how high or low your fitness level could be, they push you to be the very best and reach your goals.  This event was to start and kick off autism awareness month that is all throughout the month of April. During this event, there were a total of five classes that were all in honor of raising money for the American Autism Association. 

This event included raffles from local restaurants such as Perkins and great workout clothes and fitness items from Gymshark to get everyone super excited and participate in the raffles. This event was open to the public and as well as kids to help show awareness and also get a great workout in as well.

Many people were super excited to help raise money for autism and many people came up to me and told me there experiences of how they know someone with autism and wanted to make a difference today in the workout class for everyone that has autism. Hearing stories like this is what makes you want to strive and make a difference in this society.

The trainers at SETS made a huge difference for helping making the event a huge success and I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. There ambition to helping promote this event meant the world and with there spread of world helped us exceed the goal that I never thought I could reach and we raised $1,528 dollars!


Thank you everyone that came out to support me and help raise money for such an amazing cause that means so much to me! Without the help of everyone coming out, we would have never got the goal that we achieved!

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