Whether your family’s summer plans involve summer camp, quality time at home, or traveling, transitioning your family from the school year routine to a new summer schedule may seem a bit challenging. We love to ask the autism community questions about their experiences, and now that it is summer we knew they would have great tips. We asked the following question on Facebook and Instagram: The best tip for transitioning from school to summer is…

Take a look at our follower’s best tip for transitioning from school to summer…

“My youngest son loves the scene from Chicken Run where one of the hens says “We mustn’t panic, we mustn’t panic” and then they all start to run around screaming. That’s how transitions make us feel. ” – Mark Frederick

“Set a schedule for the day. Keep some form of school activity in the schedule. Read, journal, art, math….Good Luck!!” – @christine_benner_taylor

“We had our little do two days a week of summer childcare at her school so she could see her friends and have the consistency of seeing her school building a couple times a week to prepare for fall when we start again. We have also kept the same routine structure as before for bedtime and things like that, and tried to mimic some of her school routine to gradually get into summer.” – @craftyblindchick

“We do school work during summer so when its time back for so transitioning is not so hard” – @tjsilvaandkidz

“We go back to ABA therapy 3 days a week to keep a routine” – @rtriglia08

“We move over from School Schedule to our Summer Schedule. How that my Daughter is older we plan out once a week activities & lazy days. It make things run smoothly” – @debra_acosta89

“Never drive past the school again” – @shastagreen

“Also my son loves to count down on a calendar how many days until “such and such” so right now he’s counting down the days until he goes back to school. It’s like 65 right now but seeing that for him helps. And we also do homework every night even if it’s something super easy. 💙” – @jessn_86

“Pack away the school stuff together” –  @yas_mahomed

Big thanks to everyone who shared their insightful and funny tips. We wish you all a great transition into summer!

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