On August 11th, Nicole Bagliore, a marketing intern at the American Autism Association hosted a fundraising event. The event was created to raise money and awareness for autism. All proceeds were donated to the American Autism Association.

The event was held at Rookie’s Sports Bar located in Staten Island, New York. All attendees received drink specials and enjoyed music provided by a DJ. “I am so excited to be fundraising for an organization close to my heart,” said Bagliore. “I have learned so much about individuals with autism during this internship and I am honored to help out.”

One of Bagliore’s friends, Joe, had a special way of representing autism awareness with his tattoo. When Joe’s brother was diagnosed with autism, he got a beautiful tattoo to show his support.

The night was filled with dancing, laughter and fun. Bagliore went around to all of the attendees talking about the American Autism Association and the impact they have on individuals with autism. She spoke about her wonderful experience working with the individuals at the Ballet for All Kids program. “Helping and watching all of the children succeed during the program has inspired me,” said Bagliore. “They taught me to never give up even when I a faced with obstacles.”


Bagliore sold 50/50 raffle tickets throughout the night and accepted any additional donations anyone had for the organization. The winner of the 50/50 raffle donated it back to the organization.

Thank you to all who supported this wonderful fundraising event. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

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