This summer, the American Autism Association welcomed 6 students into their Ballet for All Kids program, a ballet program that allows children with special needs to enjoy learning the techniques of ballet.

The class began on June 30, 2018 in Midtown, Manhattan and started with teaching the kids the basic positions and movements using the Schlachte Method. The Schlachte method was developed to help students of all abilities learn in the way that works best for them, and believes every child has inner abilities that can be used as a starting point for learning a wide variety of other skills. The Schlachte method uses four types of teaching styles: visual learning, auditory learning, vestibular learning, and emotional intelligence. More about the styles of learning used during the Schlachte method process can be found here, on the official Ballet For All Kids website. Volunteers helped the students reach each position and learn where to place their legs and arms.

Students and volunteers practicing.

Each class ran for an hour, and after stretching and running over the basic ballet positions, as mentioned above, the students moved on to learning a small dance routine together.

5 classes later, on July 28th, the students were excited to graduate from the Ballet for All Kids program with many more skills and a ton more confidence. It was a great program that is sure to benefit the kids for years to come. More photos from the event can be seen below.

Three of the dance students before graduating.

Teacher and students.

If anyone is interested in having the American Autism Association at an event, please contact us through out email [email protected]. If anyone is interested in fundraising for the American Autism Association, and keeping programs like this available, please visit our website.


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