The Awesome Company has recently launched their business in Ohio. The company creates custom designs handmade in the U.S. using organic material, but most importantly, they are dedicated to providing employment to individuals with autism. The Digital Journal quotes the company saying, “We believe in the awesome power of the autism community, so we created a culture of optimism, discovery, and collaboration that we are very proud of. Providing meaningful and long lasting employment is our goal.”

Jacquie Mahan, Meghan Klein, and Kathy Borkowski are three friends that collaboratively created the company. They realized the benefits of utilizing different perspectives from all kinds of backgrounds, which in turn provides diversity of thought and results in creativity and innovation. Additionally, they take into account that each individual with autism is different, and therefore understand the importance of taking the time to get to know an individual to learn their prominent strengths. This allows them to place employees in a position that will showcase said strengths, ensuring a successful workplace.

Their use of organic materials benefits not only consumers, but employees as well. Using organic cotton to make their customizable t-shirts, bags, prints, pillows, etc. means production does not involve the use of toxic chemicals and therefore assures better health for everyone involved.

The company is built on the simple phrase, “Awesome is Everywhere”. A seemingly simple and fleeting observation, their motto works to remind people to appreciate things in life, both large and small, from antiques to zip lining. Their website broadcasts this way of thinking through their Awesome Library, which lists everything they find awesome, in alphabetical order. This message of appreciation simultaneously extends to a decree of acceptance. The work they are doing to employ individuals on the spectrum is extremely important and exemplifies an accepting, inclusive workplace environment that more companies should strive for.

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