Ava Miner joined us as a Social Media and Outreach intern for the summer. She is a rising junior at Syracuse University and majors in marketing and finance in the Whitman School of Management and minors in Information Technology, Design and Start Ups in the Information Studies School. Ava is originally from Maryland and recently moved to Miami, FL with her family. When she’s not at work she loves to workout, read fashion blogs, shop, and travel. She also loves the beach and scrolling through famous puppy and food Instagram accounts.

Ava was inspired to intern for a non-profit organization because she wanted to apply what she is learning in school to help those less fortunate, while also gaining experience in her field of business. She found that there is a lack of awareness about autism or acceptance of the condition. This mindset is what drove Ava to apply to work with the American Autism Association to help raise awareness. Ava said she hopes to “help those who are lost and in need of help in learning to live with autism”.

From her experience as an intern thus far – Ava has been able to do what she hoped. From providing helpful information to inquiring families or individuals to promoting various therapeutic programs via different social media channels, Ava is busy at work helping in any way possible! She believes this experience has helped her advance her skills with social media and in marketing. The internship is also allowing Ava to connect with all types of people because of the community outreach she does. She has encountered numerous people that are just starting to get acquainted with their disorder and she loves that the internship allows her to show them the positives of and resources for their disorder. Ava enjoys that aspect the most because she is outgoing and loves helping and talking with people.

After this internship is over Ava hopes to apply what she has learned to her jobs in the future. She believes the community outreach and social media skills that the internship helps to build will be extremely helpful to her career in marketing and finance. Additionally, after working for a non-profit, Ava definitely wants to either pursue a career that helps those in need or actively volunteer. Ava has proven to be a driven, hard-working, and dedicated intern and we love having her as a part of our team.

If you’re interested in interning with the American Autism Association, please contact us at [email protected].


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