Every year Autistic Pride Day is celebrated on June 18 in honor of the unique individuals with autism to encourage being autistic and proud.

The holiday is now being celebrated for the 10th year in a row. It originally began in 2005 when an autism support group called Aspies for Freedom created it because of the many negative connotations that had been associated with autism. Now the holiday is celebrated nationally in various ways.

This special holiday is dedicated to emphasizing autistic people and inspiring them to be proud of their differences. It is not just a day, but also a movement within the autism community. It serves as a reminder that they should feel accepted and show their pride each and every day. The goal is to make people realize autistic people are “different not less,” while shining a positive light on these differences and on the autistic community in an effort to create a greater feeling of support and acceptance.

In honor of this wonderful celebration everything on our entire online Etsy store will have a 10% discount if you use our promotional code: AUTISTICPRIDEAAA. This is a great way to show your support – as we have a ton of merchandise for sale that helps you represent your autism support in several ways, varying from items such as key chains, jewelry pieces like necklace charms or bracelets, or even soap!

We have also recently added a new feature to our donation page, which allows you to make a special donation in dedication or memory of someone. Through this new feature you can show your support for a specific someone with autism, while also making a valuable contribution to the community. All donations we receive are put directly towards sustaining and expanding our recreational programs or family workshops to help families and children in need.

There are so many ways you can show your support. We hope you all find a memorable way to display your autistic pride and spread awareness this Thursday, June 18th, and continue this movement not just once a year but every day!


Guest Blogger:

Alexandra Machado, Social Media and Marketing Intern

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