Although there are numerous theories on the cause of autism including vaccinations, genetic abnormalities and environmental exposure; a number of studies have recently reported atypical changes at the level of the peripheral nervous system that point to a dysregulation of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) [8]. ANS function is closely linked to behavior, cognition, and emotion processing [9], and indicators of its function have been associated with differences in areas of the brain affected in Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) [10] such as social behavior [11], emotion regulation [12], attention [13], response inhibition [14], and adaptive functioning [15].

The autonomic nervous system is comprised of two parts, the sympathetic nervous system (which is active during the day) and the parasympathetic nervous system (which is active at night). An imbalance between these two systems may result in an inability to sit still and focus during the day and sleep disturbances at night. The use of dietary supplementation to address the nutritional deficiencies of an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system has demonstrated improvements in the areas of sleep and attention.

Anxiety disorders are also commonly seen in children on the spectrum [16] and may exacerbate the core symptoms associated with ASD [17]. Anxiety and autism may present with behavior patterns such as repetitive and restrictive interests, lack of social and emotional reciprocity, avoidance behaviors, and speech difficulties [18, 19, 20]. Symptoms of autism along with anxiety are often associated with over firing of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) and inhibition of the parasympathetic branches (rest and digest) of the ANS.

Cognition Focus and Calm Focus provide the nutrients that support healthy functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Cognition Focus provides the amino acids that support healthy brain function such as learning and memory. Calm Focus provides the neurotransmitter precursors involved in stimulating healthy sleep habits. The ingredients in Calm Focus may also be used at a lower dose during the day to assist in daytime calming. Providing the right balance of ingredients to promote neurotransmitter production may help balance and regulate the firing of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and may significantly reduce symptoms associated with autism.

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