Every few months we turn to our social media community and ask them “What has autism taught you?”. Every person who has been affected by autism has a plethora of different experiences. These differences are key to understanding the autism experience – “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met ONE person with autism”. The American Autism Association utilizes our online community as a phenomenal resource to learn more about these experiences, and utilize them to help spread autism awareness. These are some of our favorite responses we received from our most recent #AutismTaughtMe posts on Instagram and Twitter. Take a look!

“That there is no one else like me!” – @hannah_f_l


“To be patient and to know the true love without expect anything. To be loved, and to be tolerance.” – @ginessaarias


 “That sleep is overrated. Life is always a party at 3am…Bright side – it’s a pajama party 🎉”                  – @min110


“Taught me hope, highlighted my family’s perseverance, and how to be a force of nature on advocacy for my child.” – @kingsmeme


“To be grateful for all of the struggles, because of the strength that comes from it for the future.” – @adinboyer


 “Autism has taught me many things. It has taught me that I am a much stronger woman and mother than I ever thought possible. It has taught me to view the world in a different, more beautiful way. Autism has taught me patience and compassion for not only my handsome son, but for the world around us. Autism has taught me to be a voice; to advocate for not only my son, but for all of the other wonderful people on the spectrum. Autism has taught me more than I could ever explain. It truly is a love that needs no words. 💙” – @teefabian22


“This is a really difficult question to answer. Autism is still teaching me. It’s taught me my son is different from other children. He’s different from other boys. He doesn’t play rough and only copies that rough behavior when around “normal boys”. He’s really sweet, caring, funny, clever. He’s soooo smart and has taught me to be more patient against my own will. Autism has taught me we can go at our own pace and still end up at the finish line with others. Autism has taught me to be stronger than I ever thought possible. Still learning.” [email protected]ecbfit21


“Patience…to be thankful and appreciate the ‘little things’, because they really do matter the most. It has taught me to be creative. But most of all Autism has taught me what unconditional love is ❤. I have two daughters on the Spectrum and everyday they make me proud. They go out into this scary world & handle things as best they can. I love them for all that they are…my special daughters.” – @dawnmarie824


“That a diagnosis changes nothing. That our differences, though sometimes a struggle, also make us uniquely wonderful.” [email protected]_Sheets10210


Thank you to everybody who responded. Your inspiring words helps motivate the American Autism Association to expand the resources we offer to such a strong community.

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