Every few months our community on our social media platforms to learn and listen to what autism has taught you. We heard from a lot of parents, siblings, teachers, and individuals that autism has impacted in one way or another. For autism awareness month, let’s continue the conversation about why raising awareness is so important! Below are the responses to ‘Autism Taught Me…’

“Patience, empathy, and most of all that you don’t need ‘words’ to express & feel love 💙” @vanessaallsmiles

“My son with autism taught me that every mind is different, even if you are not in the spectrum. Every one processes information different. We have to adapt and understand all people.” @eduardojdl

“Autism taught me the importance of small moments!” @herecomesthesun2

“We can create our own ‘normal’. All achievements (big and small) are worthy of celebration. And the power of my voice. My son and everything he is, including having Autism, genuinely saved my life and gave me purpose 💙” @shekiraf

“To see the beauty of this world from a different view. The little things I would overlook but my son finds amazing 💙” @andreahweeks

“It’s okay to be afraid and tell my daughter no because of unexpected outbursts or tantrums; it’s permissible to asks for help because I couldn’t identify or understand her needs and each day is not the same. I have experienced joy & happiness only to slip away in a second to chaos and confusion. I am still learning from autism & wouldn’t change a thing for her.” @mzmarcie263

“Celebrate the smallest accomplishments, because to him they aren’t so small. Give extra cuddles and love on the bad days.” @ebridiacamp

“I don’t have to be a perfect mom…I just need to do the best I can for my daughter 💙” @debra_acosta89

“We are in the same way, just viewing things in a different perspective! It is amazing! Hard, but worth it!” @annandadelellis

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