Many people have children, family members, friends, or students on the autism spectrum. Each and every one of them is truly an extraordinary gift. We decided to do a post on our Instagram and Facebook to see what the autism community says about what autism has taught them and how autism made a difference in their lives.

Take a look at what some of our followers said about what autism taught them…

“How ignorant the world choose to be…. I have dedicated 10 years of my life as an advocate and behavioral therapist making it my duties to educate other on AUTISM removing stereotypes etc. I just simply want the world to see the beauty of it all just as they would in a painting with different colors, designs and originality” – @touched_by_ta

“To take time & enjoy the little things❤” – @debra_acosta89

“To love unconditionally, remain patient, be opened minded, take deep breaths, remember likes and dislikes, stay strong (both mentally and physically), to provide a visual schedule, ignore ignorance, embrace differences, everyone can and will reach their full potential, and to enjoy seeing life the way my daughter does 💙💖” – @paramount_khloe

“Autism has taught me that it’s okay to feel helpless and unprepared. 💙” –@lovelymrsmatos

“Autism taught me to be more generous .. to be more soft spoken .. and to be a more better human being.” [email protected]

“Never stop pushing boundaries. There is nothing worst than a person with Autism that possesses so much potential but people have such little faith and so much fear. KEEP PUSHING!” –@sarahiiperezz

“How my own thoughts and actions may be perceived. Learned a lot about honesty, judgement, manipulation, reinforcement, and most of all patience.” –@ayveedubya

“Patience & love that has no limits. It also taught me that I had the strength to be an advocate & voice for the voiceless!🙏🏼” –@aldonacarney

“See through the eyes of my child. All children with autism don’t let anything or anyone stop them. They see the world, different from us.” –@rosiecoolmom

“The individuals I work with and their families have taught me to be more patient, loving, and to appreciate all the little things we take for granted in life. Especially to celebrate each milestone and all the accomplishments along the way!” –@_jennaye

“To love unconditionally and to accept the unacceptable 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙” –@femme_benie

“How to see things we look at every day through a different set of eyes. My boy has taught me how to be a better person in all aspects of my life.” –@mari753

Thank you to everyone who took the time to share your stories. With all your thoughts, American Autism Association is making progress and changes to making a difference in the autism community!

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