No one person on the autism spectrum is carbon copy, each individual has a unique personality with a different perspective.  We turned to our social media community to ask them, “What has autism taught you?”. These are some of our favorite responses we received from our recent #AutismTaughtMe post on Instagram and Facebook. Check it out!


“Autism is a different journey with my kid . I can make it beautiful exciting or sad miserable journey. Accept her abilities, enjoy every moment with her . My mission is to make her laughing deeply, connecting with her”– @TahrirAmin


“That disability is NOT what everyone figures it should be. Everyone has similar wants, desires, needs and goals… any disability just makes a person fight harder and be stronger to achieve them. Raising awareness to neuro or physical typical people creates more unity and acceptance of that 😊”– @sheri.kozler


“To be more thoughtful in my approach towards others. Knowing that my son struggles so much with social cues, I really try to be aware of how I come off and model behavior for him. So I no longer assume someone can understand my none verbals. I’m very purposeful in my responses, facial expressions and body language. Which has ultimately made me a kinder person so I think God for that.💗”[email protected]unbeebelievable


“Everyone has a battle they are fighting”– @manuel_617_


“That athletic pants and plain t-shirts make a great uniform for life 😋☺”– @Pauladeanne


“That no matter where life leads me, No Matter how rough the journey may get. It is never about Me! It’s all about My son’s and how I can Make the World a better place for them”– @ausome_wallflower


“Autism is a mask! There is so much beauty, wisdom and strength within individuals with autism. Open your heart and mind to them, and they’ll do the same with you!!”– @missrosemary74


“To educate the world, along with myself, so everyone knows that Autism doesn’t limit my son. Look beyond the label of the diagnosis and embrace the brilliant mind, his different perspective on the world, his loving, sympathetic and empathetic self. His ability to be free to be himself… He doesn’t limit himself and neither should the world.”– @_little.but.fierce_


“To see the world in a different and more appreciative way. I remember how one of my kids that I work with was really loving how the cool breeze was hitting his face while I was walking next to him worrying about so many things I could not fix. Right there, that was the moment where I remembered to breath”[email protected]


“That different means MORE not less. More beautiful, more love, more innocence, more gifts, more patience, more of her and more of me loving her. More is great!!”– @aim4theh3ad


Every response was unique in its own way. We would like to thank everyone from our social media community that responded to our post. We appreciate all the continuous love and support!

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