The show Kids Say the Darnest Thing existed for a reason – because kids are very funny without trying. Even when getting in trouble, while harmless, sometimes as a parent, caregiver, or teacher, can’t help but laugh. You now we’ve all had that moment where we just could not hold it in! We asked our audience to finish this sentence, and share some of their favorite memories: “The funniest moment with my special needs child was when…”

Here are a few of our favorites:

“When my husband told my son that mommy was going to leave for alone time and he asked, “’like when you go pee?’”

– @bear.wife


“When my son’s therapist asked him what annoys him the most, he said wearing underwear and listening to her talk.”

– @stinkasmom8


“My God son calls my sister Beyonce all the time and I get so jealous . So I say, can I be Rihanna and he looks at me with the bank stare and says “No, no your Tiffany ” (my name).”

– @sparkle_22


“When my daughter saw a bad driver who didn’t stop at the roundabout to give way, she said “‘watch the  bloody road!'”

– @sera014_


“He told an overweight woman at the supermarket to stop buying all that junk food and get veggies and fruits to better her health, I was so mortified but thank god she didn’t get offended and told him he was right…he has no filter when he talks he means no harm though, he just wants to help.”

– @caritoluv


“When she wasn’t able to sleep and I put the TV on, she loves the news. She is 2.5 years old and is nonverbal. She saw Donald Trump and she looked at me and said “eeeeeeeeeeewwwww” made me so proud ❤”

– @milvum


“When my son was in the pediatric emergency room at Montefiore medical center & when the doctor came over to him he said wash your hands, wash your hands please.”

– @justloveme1973



“I always complement my daughter and tell her ‘Ali, you’re beautiful.’ ‘Ali you’re so pretty.’ ‘Ali, you’re so smart!’ She gets upset every time and responds ‘Mama, I’m not beautiful… I’m Ali!!'”

– @_alina_0431


Thank you to all the parents who responded to our outreach!


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