Saturdays are busy for the American Autism Association. In New York City, we hold our Ballet for All Kids class while in Miami, our Saddle Up for Autism program is carried out. This past Saturday, the American Autism Association partnered up with Autism & Music to bring the children of Miami a chance to integrate and play through music.

The incredible team of volunteers from Autism & Music kept the kids on their feet the entire team. The event kicked off with an activity of mindfulness. The kids were seated front and center each with an instrument in hand. Pati Kayser, founder of Autism & Music, facilitated this activity as she asked for all participants to close their eyes and stay quiet. One by one, the children got lost in the trance of the beating drum Pati played. She began to pick up speed and each child began to beat their own drum at her beat. Before long, the drums were banging at full speed. STOP! And within a second, the room was silent again.

Up next was a friendly match of Musical Chairs.  To the sound of Bruno Mars, the game carried on each round more exciting than the last. The children laughed and danced along to the music without a single worry of losing. The last two contestants were up and as they jumped and laughed around the final chair, not a single worry of losing was shown by either child.

Then we were treated to a special performance! Gabriel Gonzalez, also known as “Rec808”, is a singer, song writer from Puerto Rico. Him and his brother Macho performed many of his original music as the children and families clapped and played along to the music.


We ended the party how every party should end…by dancing! To the sounds of Pitbull and Katy Perry, the volunteers, families, and children danced the afternoon away. The American Autism Association had a great time bringing this event to Miami and providing the children on the spectrum a way to express themselves and play through music. We would like to thank all the participants who joined us, as well as our partner Autism & Music. The event wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Miami Beach Community Church. And last but not least, our sponsor for the event Segel Trials!

We hope you join us at our next event. Stay tuned for upcoming programs on our event page.

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