This Sunday, May 13th, families across the United States will be celebrating mothers and other maternal figures in their lives. Within the autism community, mothers take on vital roles in caring for their children, but also becoming fierce advocates for those on the spectrum. We often ask the community questions about their experiences and, with Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to recognize the important roles they play, so we posed the following question on Instagram and Facebook: You know when you’re an autism mom when…?

In honor of Mother’s Day, mothers of individuals on the autism spectrum share their experiences…


You allow your children to be themselves and encourage their dreams’ execution ☺” –iamtatianap

“Your son replays the same part of his favorite video over and over again and you don’t even notice anymore.” –nursenmom3

“You don’t move toys that he strategically lined up on the table.” –jillchattman

“When your pizza delivery place knows you by name! 💙🍕” –lovelymrsmatos

“You hear yourself explaining stimming and sensory to every new person you meet.” –onbothfronts

“Getting excited about every new word you hear being blurted out and the slightest bit of eye contact melts your heart ❤” –lotusflowerbomb_2.0

“No matter how far… turn around because you forgot the iPad. 🚗💨💨” –andreasoter

“You start stimming to relieve stress, too! 😂” –mamatleigh

“When standing up for your child and others comes naturally. Oh, and getting your work done late at night when everyone is asleep lol” –momof3_tls

“When you have four of the exact same teddy bear for every important location. 💙🐻” –morg_taylor

“You learn to pick your battles… A plate of food eaten while running around the house is better than just 2 bites at the dinner table…” –mrs.lugo

“Your child rearranges the shelves in the supermarket and fixes everything in the store ☺” –slimmasjm

“When you’re excited because they asked for something different to eat!!” –reddiesal

“When you correct a museum curator on how to properly pronounce a dinosaur’s name… and say you know you’re right because your three-year-old corrects you all the time.” –Tattooed_idol

Thank you to all of the moms who took the time to share their experiences and happy Mother’s Day!

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