A new local coffee shop called, The Breaking Grounds opened up in Mount Holly, New Jersey to help individuals with disabilities gain work experience. The reasoning behind Brandi Fishman’s drive is to help out the community with disabilities that could be having a hard time finding a job in our country.

Fisherman’s reasoning as well is that she has a ten-year-old daughter Zoey, who is on the autism spectrum. Eventually down the road the school systems do not support a child after the age of twenty-one. Her motivation is her daughter, hoping by the time she is of age there will be plenty of work opportunities for individuals on the spectrum. Fisherman knew that she has a special place and purpose to work with people with disabilities and wanted to make a difference in our society. Local news such as and the town are proud her contribution to her town and plans to expand her giving hand nationally as well.

Photo Credits: Facebook

Fisherman shared with FOX29, “All the support that they had from three-twenty-one are no longer available as an adult. It is quit terrifying for a lot of the parents.” Fisherman expressed that this place is a great way to build on social skills and cues for the individuals that work here and it makes the environment a better place with friendly smiles and hardworking individuals. Many of the workers enjoy coming to work and are responsible for a number of daily tasks such as grinding up coffee beans, measuring them correctly in the cup, and making drinks to serve to the customers.

While in the process of opening up The Breaking Grounds, Fisherman founded Zefer Foundation, which helps individuals to bridge from being in the school system to adulthood and to ensure that the individuals are getting proper help and assistance for a place to work.

Photo Credits: Facebook

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