Documentaries are a great way to share with the world a story. They are intended to educate and inform the audience. The documentary “Far From the Tree” follows the journeys of various families facing some challenges but with the help of love and empathy are able to have wonderful lives. This documentary is based on Andrew Solomon’s New York Times bestselling non-fiction book Far from the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search of Identity

One of the most moving story is the one of the Allnutt family. Amy Allnutt and her husband Bob are the parents of their son Jack who is on the autism spectrum. Jack is non verbal and had never been able to communicate with his parents. They tried all sorts of therapies throughout the years and finally found a way that their son could communicate. By using a computer and stencils this type of therapy allowed Jack to ‘speak’ to his parents. Jack spelled out “I am trying. I am really smart.”

Amy Allnut recently spoke with PIX11 about the life of her family. “Having a son with autism, particularly nonverbal was very challenging,”…“But when I look back at this and our story, it’s okay, all part of our journey.” She also spoke about how the first time that Jack was able spell out words it was like finally meeting her son for the first time.

In an other interview with FOX5dc Amy spoke about how life changing it was for her son to be able to communicate. “We guessed a lot,” Amy said. “And we guessed wrong a lot! Being able to ask his opinion was great for us but I know how amazing it was for him!”

The film came out in selected theaters on July 20th in New York and was released nationwide on July 27th. The documentary will cause awareness for the importance of acceptance and also bring awareness to cherish people for who they are.

Watch the trailer below!


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