Stroller and Wheelchair Rentals
Even if your child no longer uses a stroller, it may be worth getting one again to go around the parks. Disney is a lot of walking, and on our first trip we wished we had brought one. If not just because of the sheer amount of walking, but it also gives a “safe” place to retreat to between attractions and prevent against getting overheated. In most lines, Disney bans strollers, and guests are told to park them elsewhere and have the child walk in line, but if your child needs a stroller as a safe place and it would be difficult to actually bring them in line, they offer a tag that marks your stroller as a wheelchair that will then allow it to be brought in line. These tags can be found at City Hall- the same place where you would get the DAS pass.

Additionally, strollers and wheelchairs can be rented just outside the park gates. As of July in 2018, a manual wheelchair rental is $12.00 a day, an Electric Wheelchair rental is $50.00 a day, and a single stroller is $15.00 a day and a double stroller is $31.00 a day. It is important to note that strollers and wheelchairs rented at Disney cannot be brought off property, and so if you would also need it to get back to the hotel, I would recommend ordering from another company and have it delivered to your hotel.

Source: MousePlanet

Bringing Wheelchair on the Rides- Different rides and attractions at Disney have different accessibility. Some allow the guest to remain in the wheelchair while others require the guest to transfer into the ride car. This page on the Disney website will detail what each ride requires when it comes to accessibility.

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