I was 8 years old and my brother was 5 years old when my family first packed up our car and drove to Anaheim, California to take on the “theme park” experience. Only months before that, my younger brother was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Being our first trip, and barely understanding what the diagnosis meant, we had no idea of any of the many services that Disney offers guests with Cognitive Disabilities, or even any tips to make sure that the happiest place on earth really is just that.

My brother, mother, and I on our first ever trip

10 trips later and my family now knows the parks like a pro, finding it the easiest vacation place for us because of the many services offered for people of different abilities at Disney.

Below, I have listed the many services Disney offers, and the tips my family has gathered that can hopefully help yours.

DAS Pass

Baby Care Center: Not Just For Babies

Stroller and Wheelchair Rentals/Wheelchair Accessibility

Rider Switch and Fastpass

General Tips

I hope these tips can help you and your family on a trip to Disney. For my family, it took us a few trips to get into the groove a figure out a trip plan that was comfortable for all members of my family, but now we return as often as we can knowing that nowhere will be an easier place to vacation at.

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