Rider Switch- If your child will not be able to go onto a ride that everyone else would like to go on, Disney has an easy fix known as Rider Switch, which allows half the party to go on the ride while the other half stays behind to look after the individual that cannot go on the ride. While this is not offered on every ride, it is offered on the rides that those on the spectrum may have the most difficulty with. A full guide to Rider switch can be found here.


Fastpass- This is available to every guest at the Disney Parks, but it doesn’t make it any less useful to those on the spectrum. It is a simple idea- you get a pass from an attraction to return later to wait in a shorter line. Unlike the DAS, however, Fastpass has a specific hour-long return window to return at, which may make it harder to use if you experience a meltdown halfway through. With Fastpass, there is also a service known as Maxpass, which for $10 a day allows you to get a Fastpass from your phone, instead of having to walk all the way to the attraction.

A Fastpass from our most recent trip


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