A teacher in San Bernardino County, California had a unique assignment for her students. She asked her students to decorate a paper puzzle and then hang it on their classroom doors in celebration of Autism Awareness Month.

She explained to WSBT that she felt the assignment was important because her students might have been unaware that a child with autism was present in their classroom. Their classmate, Rumari, spoke to his teacher and class about the challenges and barriers that he faced with confidence. Rumari stood in front of his classmates telling his story and answering questions. One of his classmates even asked for a hug after hearing him speak.

The teacher, Moe, said to Jessie Karangu of WSBT that she was so consumed by the discussion Rumari was having with his classmates that she forgot to record his speech until the very end. She also said that she was holding back tears while Rumari was talking because everyone in the class was openly embracing him.

She wrote on a Facebook post that if she was ever unable to teach again, that that moment solidified her purpose. She explained that she was happy to share the video of Rumari speaking because it’s a positive and beautiful message. She stated “it really speaks volumes to the climate of our world that we may not have enough kindness, but even a little bit can positively change the world.”

Here is the link to Moe’s full Facebook post.

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