Cartoon Cuts has been helping people of all abilities with easing the process of getting a haircut. Cartoon Cuts has locations in Florida, Maryland, and Virginia.

Recently Kaiden, who is five years old went to Cartoon Cuts where he got a haircut from his stylist, May. Kaiden was diagnosed with autism and has struggled with getting haircuts in the past. A few months ago, Kaiden’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapist went to a hair appointment with him to observe his behavior during the haircut. He was able to successfully have his first haircut without crying or screaming because his hair stylist worked with his ABA therapists. Kaiden’s mom, Stephanie, stated: “I am so proud of him. I am so amazed at what ABA can do. I was so happy that Miss May was so patient and met with the ABA before his appointment to work out how they’d work together.” She said that she was overcome by joy and so happy that her stylist was dedicated enough to work with her son’s therapist to create a calm environment.

Kaiden and May

The founder of Cartoon Cuts, Kathleen Perkal, stated: “We have stylists who have knelt down in the waiting room, in front of a television, when the children were too afraid to move to the styling chair,” upon hearing of Kaiden’s story. “We have stylists who allow the kids to come in and sit and talk for a few minutes, without getting a service, just to help build a level of comfort in the salon. It takes a blend of patience and tranquility to make it work, but my staff tells me about kids who have been coming to them for 20 years or more.”

Cartoon Cuts will be hosting a sensory friendly night in Columbia, Maryland on Monday, May 20, 2019 from 5:00-9:00 pm. There will be dimmed lights, sensory toys for children to play with, and even a special sensory tent where children can go to calm down if they need to. They encourage clients to make an appointment online. You can book appointments online by going to following this link, and choosing their location in Columbia.

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