Birthdays are usually large gatherings with friends and family members, celebrating another year of life. Like many other kids, William Morales dreams of having a big party for this 13th birthday. When asked “what his birthday wish is?”, Morales told WPTV, “That I could at least make a friend I guess because I don’t have any, not a lot of people at school like me”. Morales is on the Autism Spectrum and has experienced bullying at school.

His mother, Tricia, was left heart broken when she heard her son’s one birthday wish. A group heard about the story and reached out to help. She decided to partner with them to organize a birthday party for Morales. Founded by members of the Cherab Foundation, Crowdfunnit is a project created to foster acceptance and compassion for those children that need a little help making friends. The project aims helps individuals build self-confidence and self-esteem. “The really important part is raising awareness about differences while fostering acceptance and compassion”, Lisa Geng with the Cherab Foundation told WPBF 25 News.

The party is set for Sunday, August 20 at SuperPlay USA in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Many local organizations have stepped up and offered donations to provide food and gifts for the party. In addition, the local police department plans on collecting cards from officers to bring to the party. Morales’ face lit up like a lightbulb when he found out that 55 people have RSPV’ed for his party. He is looking forward to making new friends and celebrating his birthday!

Happy Birthday William!

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