After a young girl in Lex Camilleri’s classroom called her 9 year old brother with autism “weird”, she took to her brother’s defense. Camilleri felt sad and worried at the lack of awareness her fellow classmates had about autism so much so that they bullied an individual on the spectrum. Camilleri not only worried about her brother, but anyone with an invisible disability that others are not aware of. This gave Camilleri the urge to step in and do something about it.

In an interview with the NY Daily News, when Camilleri came home that day, expressing her concern to her mother and immediately took action by writing a beautiful awareness letter for her school council meeting. “My brother has autism and is not weird. I would like it if we could learn about all disabilities in schools so that everybody understands that some people are different,” Camilleri wrote.

Buzzfeed News shared the letter which has gone viral since its post on October 10, 2016.


At only 6 years old, Camilleri made a strong stand for autism and her letter has had a great impact not only in her hometown in South England, but worldwide.

Similar to Camilleri, we also believe that educating our local, national, and international community about autism is extremely important in spreading acceptance and understanding of individuals with autism.

Join us in our Let it Grow campaign to help us raise awareness in your local community!

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