Being a parent is pretty awesome. Being a dad is a beyond amazing experience. Dads are the ones who support you, push you, and encourage you the chase your dreams no matter what. The American Autism Association reached out to people via our Instagram and Facebook to find out what their dads mean to them. Here’s what they had to say:



“Patience when I have nothing left. He’s the ultimate team mate”  – @prettydangerus


If any one has ever learned patience, it was probably through their kids. They test your patience every single day. Having a partner who has patience is one of the most crucial aspects of parenthood. We’re proud that so many of the mothers and children who reached out to us expressed the significant amount of patience each of their dads or partners have. We’re proud of you autism dads!



“Supportive and accepting and loving. Indispensable!” – @xtinemarie07


Love comes easy when you’re a parent. Despite the hardships you may face as a special needs parent, we see so much love coming from you all through thick and thin. It’s what gets us through the day, what makes everything work and the one of the greatest unconditional love you will ever encounter as a dad.



“A master of adventure and exploration.” – @spywarz


Being a parent means you take creativity to the next level, even when you know you have no creativity whatsoever. From making creative lunches to exciting birthdays, getting great gifts, or dressing up as a super hero or knight just to see a smile on your child’s face. This can sometimes be difficult for a parent but an autism dad always discovers the talents and abilities they need.



“Ready to fight the world if anyone messes with his child!” – @_adianav


We all expect our dads to be strong. It’s a quality mothers, and especially children admire the most. In every person’s life we all want to feel protected, and secure and that’s what our dads do every single day. Unfortunately, autism dads have extra work set out for them because of the potential bullying and hardships a child with autism may face. We’re giving a big thank you to all of the autism dads out there who are our every day heroes!



“He is our protector, supportive, silent, and strong man. He’s our glue and we love you to the moon and back daddy.”  – @alizahscloset


While growing up, we need a good support system to succeed in school, achieve our dreams, and be a star in all that we attempt. Who else to receive that support then from our dads? Our dads gives us support whenever we need it, and in life we’ll need it often. Autism dads are protectors, and act as the strong support system for autism families.



“Patient, irreplaceable, caring, loving, and awesome.” – @mortage_martina


Every dad cares unconditionally for his children. From every kind gesture, chaotic morning, to school meetings, dads care enough to go through all of this. Through their actions they show that they deeply care for their children and would do absolutely anything for them – because they care!


Basically, autism dads are AWESOME!

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